HistoCrypt 2021

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HistoCrypt 2021     
September 20, 2021 // June 20-22, 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands             


We hereby cordially invite you to spend an interesting half day together on 20 September from 13h CET, dedicated to historical cryptology.

Two special highlights await us:
  • David Oranchak, Sam Blake and Jarl van Eycke will give a keynote lecture on "Solving the Zodiac Killer's Cipher"
  • Levente Király and Gábor Tokai will introduce us to "The language of the Rohonc Codex" with an online workshop
There will also be a short informative session about the upcoming HistoCrypt meetings, and plenty of opportunity for joint exchange.

Our online event will use the platform Webex, and will be free of charge. Everyone is welcome to join us.
Please register by emailing histocrypt2021@deutsches-museum.de by 5 September 2021.
The link to the online event, further technical details and the handout for the Codex Rohonc workshop will be sent by email shortly before the event.


Programme Time (CET) Duration Speaker(s) Session Chair
Time to arrive 13:00h 15 min
Welcome reception 13:15h 15 min Arno Wacker
Carola Dahlke
The Language of the Codex Rohonc
Part 1
13:30h 120 min Levente Király
Gábor Tokai
Benedek Láng
Short break
The Language of the Codex Rohonc
Part 2
Coffee break 15:30h 30 min
Solving the Zodiac Killer's Cipher
16:00h 60 min David Oranchak
Sam Blake
Jarl van Eycke
George Lasry
Coffee break 17:00h 30 min
HistoCrypt: past, present, future 17:30h 30 min Beáta Megyesi
Benedek Láng
Carola Dahlke
Karl de Leeuw
Dermot Turing
Social event 18:00h Open end

The International Conference on Historical Cryptology (HistoCrypt 2021) invites submissions of papers to its annual conference on historical cryptology. The conference will be held on September 20, 2021 (Online-Event) and June 20-22, 2022 (Main Conference and workshops) at Trippenhuis, the Headquarter of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

HistoCrypt addresses all aspects of historical cryptology/cryptography including work in closely related disciplines (such as history, history of ideas, computer science, AI, (computational) linguistics, or image processing) that is sufficiently formalized or applied, with relevance to historical ciphertexts and codes.

We welcome everybody interested in the field of historical cryptology (classical cryptography and cryptanalysis) to participate in the event. We invite submissions to HistoCrypt, either short or long paper, for presentation at the conference, which will be evaluated by a program committee. The conference's subjects include, but are not limited to:

  • the use of cryptography in military, diplomacy, business, and other areas
  • analysis of historical ciphers with the help of modern computerized methods
  • unsolved historical cryptograms
  • the Enigma and other encryption machines
  • the history of modern (computer-based) cryptography
  • special linguistic aspects of cryptology
  • the influence of cryptography on the course of history
  • teaching and promoting cryptology in schools, universities, and the public

Participation in the conference is mandatory for at least one author of each accepted paper. Submissions from those who are new to the field, particularly students, are very welcome.

We cordially welcome you to Amsterdam!

The Organizing Committee of HistoCrypt 2021

Contact: histocrypt2021@deutsches-museum.de




Photo: Inge Hoogland

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